Getting our Facts Straight

Anti-Semitism is evil. Hating Jews because they are Jews is totally anti-Christian. Jesus was a Jew. The Blessed Virgin Mary was a Jew. So were Peter, Paul, and the rest of the Apostles. The Christian Faith is built upon Jewish history and culture.

BUT disagreeing with the policies of Mr. Netanyahu and his policies is not antisemitism, any more than disagreeing with President Biden is anti-Americanism. All despots want to silence freedom of speech. Israeli citizens by the tens of thousands have opposed and protested the attempts by Netanyahu to change their Constitution and weaken their Supreme Court. They were not a rabid mob of Jew haters, they were Jews living in Israel.

Anti-Palestinian sentiment based on race is just as evil as anti-Jewish pronouncements based on race are evil. Opposition to Hamas is justified because Hamas is a terrorist organization. The Jews have a moral right to defend themselves. The Palestinians have a right to exist in peace and safety, in their own homeland with secure borders free from Israeli control.

How different things would be if Jews, Palestinians, Americans, Russians, Iranians, and all the rest of us accepted and practised the teachings of the greatest Jew who ever lived. Jesus the Jew told us to love our enemies, forgive seventy times seven, and do good to those who hate us. The alternative policy of hating and killing doesn’t seem to work very well. Look at the land where Jesus once lived.

— John Carter


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