Will America keep the Faith?

During the first presidential debate, President Biden failed to convince swing voters (or most Americans) that he was physically or mentally capable of leading the world’s greatest superpower for another four years. Ex-President Trump showed agility and strength, as well as an enormous capacity to bend the truth. Biden’s family members are urging the president to continue his campaign for the White House.

Bad news for the Democrats keeps coming. The Supreme Court, which is now loaded with Trump appointees, just ruled that the President of the United States is virtually above the law in his official duties and liable only in his private capacity. Trump has taken this as a green light to avoid his many lawsuits, especially the one that concerns his conduct on January 6, when he sought to overthrow the election. Mr. Trump has a small army of lawyers.

Equal justice before the law is now perceived by many Americans as wishful thinking. Democracy in America stands imperiled. Biden is almost incapacitated, while Trump is accused by his foes of being a compulsive liar with a tendency to consort with dictators. America is far removed from the balmy, genteel days of Ronald Reagan.

We remain resolutely non-partisan and non-political. Republicans, who were once the party of Christian values, are now seen by many as the party of lawlessness. Democrats continue their slide into anarchy as they intensify their war against family values and common sense.

Bible prophecies predict that America could soon speak as a Dragon (Revelation 13), and that time may be fast approaching. Jesus eschewed the political parties of His day and His followers may choose to do the same now. Never has the word INDEPENDENT shone so brightly.

— John Carter


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