Fox News, which is run by the powerful Australian Murdoch family, continually brands protests against the policies of the Netanyahu government as expressions of Antisemitism. But this is plainly a perversion of the Truth as shown by the following:

1. Antisemitism is a perverse belief that Jews are somehow racially inferior or intrinsically evil. This idea that was taught by the Nazis is reprehensible and goes against everything taught in the Bible. Antisemitism is opposed to reason and common decency.

2. No good person can ever condemn someone for the color of his skin or his racial identity, especially a follower of Jesus, who was the greatest Jew of all time. Antisemitism is wrong.

3. Israel has the right to a homeland and the right to defend itself. This is beyond a reasonable dispute. The Palestinians likewise have the right to a homeland that would live in peace with its neighbors. It is sad that too often, Palestinian leaders have been corrupt and incompetent. Hamas is a terrorist organization that murdered more than 1200 innocent Israeli civilians. It will take uncommon grace to reach a settlement.

4. Israel as a nation is not above criticism. Many good people who abhor antisemitism believe that the actions of the Israeli government against Palestinian civilians are a crime against humanity. For many years, the Israeli government, against the objections of America and the United Nations, has carried out a policy to drive the Palestinians out of the West Bank. The ferocious policies of the Settlers, mainly right-wing Jewish nationalists, have received the support of the Israeli government, especially Netanyahu and his right-wing cabinet. More than 500,000 Jews now occupy Palestinian territory in an attempt to colonize all of the land of Israel that was promised on condition to Abraham.

5. More than 30,000 Palestinian civilians have been killed by Israeli bombs in Gaza. These bombs have been supplied by America. People have the absolute right to publicly and peacefully protest against the policies of Israel. And the policies of the US government. This is not antisemitism or anti-Americanism. It is called freedom of speech, something apparently many people do not want to understand. Netanyahu believes if he loudly condemns all opposition as antisemitism, he will keep his position and thus avoid possible legal problems. But not all of us will be taken in by his rhetoric or by Fox News commentators. Some of us still believe in the American Constitution and the First Amendment.

Many Jews and others who love freedom agree with me.

— John Carter


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