300,000 citizens of the island nation north of Australia have just received baptism and subsequent membership in the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

The 1000 village and town campaigns across PNG were spearheaded by several hundred Australian pastors who joined forces with local indigenous Adventist leaders. Papua New Guinea is a Third World country that only recently emerged from the primitive practices of Heathenism. Devil worship and cannibalism were once part of daily life. Adventist missionaries (mainly Australians) visited what then was a remote and hostile frontier where conditions were primitive and often savage. Representatives from other churches also came to spread the Gospel message. PNG has emerged as a new democratic nation, and the spread of Christianity has been remarkable. Great changes for the good have been seen in the lives of the people.

Australia, Britain, America, and other First World countries that once were bastions of the Christian Faith continue their downward march into secularism with resulting social problems. But there are signs that the tide is turning. Christianity is irrepressible, and the PNG miracle may soon be repeated worldwide.

— John Carter


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