Mr. Trump resonates with “born-again“ Christians in America (and elsewhere) who see him as America’s savior and the champion of the Church. Evangelicals who believe in being saved, the new birth, the death of Jesus for our sins, and the sanctity of the unborn child are convinced that America stands imperiled. They see the collapse of Christian morals, street lawlessness, acceptance of “deviant” sexual practices by the White House and elsewhere, and the influence of the nefarious “Deep State” as symptoms of America’s moral and political decline. They are also alarmed by the culture of violence and sexual perversion promoted by the Hollywood elites, who are by and large champions of the Democratic Party. They are fond of saying that by choosing Mr. Trump, they are electing a president, not a pastor. Apparently, good character in a leader is now redundant. Winning is everything.

Most Evangelicals, apart from a casual visit to the local church and a few hours watching TBN, are involved only superficially with their “old-time religion.” They are not students of Scripture or church history. Their champion, Donald Trump, most likely thinks that Sodom and Gomorrah were lovers. Evangelicals would probably agree.

If the Evangelicals were to study church history, they might stumble upon Constantine, who during the Fourth Century, brought the Roman State into the Christian church, thus paving the way for the Inquisition and the Dark Ages. They might even see in their hero, Donald Trump, another Constantine. After all, each politician tried to save his nation while promoting the Church.  Constantine ended up creating a monster that devoured life and liberty for more than a thousand years. What will Trump and his well-meaning Evangelicals do?

Do Bible truths and church history really matter? Apparently, for many Evangelicals and their New York hero, not very much.

— John Carter


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