Hamas and Israel are locked in a death struggle. In Gaza, 100,000 souls have been killed or injured. Many hundreds of thousands are homeless and in danger of starvation. The bombs that continue to fall from planes made in America are also made in America. President Biden is on the horns of a dilemma. He is committed to protecting the Jewish state from Islamic terrorists but believes Israel’s response to the murders of 1,300 Jews is disproportionate. He is conscious that many Jews (especially young ones) and Muslims in America have found a common cause: the killing of innocent civilians in Gaza is a gross violation of the laws of warfare. He is also aware that PM Netanyahu is a soiled politician who is determined to lead the Jewish state, if for no other reason than staying out of prison.

Cries of racism tend to confuse the issue, and charges of antisemitism are sometimes a cloak to cover sin. Let it be plainly said: ANTISEMITISM IS AN OLD EVIL that can never be justified. So also is the killing of innocent civilians. Look at Gaza. A temporary cease-fire will solve nothing. Only God’s grace can change hearts, and the policy of “bombing the hell out of them” is shortsighted and counterproductive. Every bomb that strikes Gaza and kills innocent men, women, and children is producing more terrorists. Terror produces terror. Does anyone in Israel and Gaza remember the Jewish baby that King Herod tried to murder? The Hebrew Old Testament calls him the Prince of Peace, and there will be no peace in Israel without him.

— John Carter


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