Netanyahu, Hamas, and the Pharisees

Did the PM Make a Deal with the Devil?

It is no secret that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu turned a blind eye to the evil deeds of Hamas for years. At least that is what the conservative Economist magazine says. He did it to keep the rival Palestinian leadership in the West Bank off balance. But if you play with a snake you may get bitten. On October 7, innocent Israeli felt the bite. To compound the tragedy, Netanyahu who has been continually accused of corruption made a deal with the extreme Right Wing of Israeli politics. These old men are the equivalent of the Pharisees and Zealots all rolled into one. For these iron clad Jewish fundamentalists, it would be good if all the Palestinians were pushed into the sea. This volatile mix of extreme Jewish Fundamentalism and unyielding religious fervor helped create the tragic circumstances of the last few days. As I write, 1,400 Jews have been brutally murdered and 8,000 Palestinians slaughtered. Let no one doubt that Islamic terrorism is evil, so is Jewish extremism. There is enough blame to go around. Is there a solution? Yes, but who is listening?

2,000 years ago the Jewish Messiah JESUS was rejected by His own Jewish people. That rejection of the Son of God had consequences. He predicted these dreadful times. Read His words in the Holy Bible. He also told us the only way to peace, whether we are Jews, Muslims, Christians, or everyone else, was FORGIVENESS and LOVE. He actually told us to love our enemies and forgive 70 times seven. In today’s world it sounds really crazy. But it actually works. Hundreds of millions have put it to the test and say, “Jesus my Jewish Savior changed my life forever.”

— John Carter


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