What would Jesus do?

The teachings of the Jewish Jesus who lived for around 35 years in Israel were a quiet revolution. He upended traditions and the status quo when He told His Jewish disciples to love their enemies and forgive, “seventy times seven.” These ridiculous hard to swallow teachings were anathema to the Jews who were being oppressed and often butchered by the Pagan Romans. They were just as difficult for the Christians who were persecuted by the cruel soldiers of Caesar who enjoyed throwing them to wild animals and burning them while they hung on crosses. But in the end, it was the Roman Empire that went down, and it was the Christian Church that survived. Imagine that!

What would happen if Israel forgave Hamas? What would happen if Israel withdrew from the West Bank and stopped building Jewish settlements on Palestinian land? What would happen if both Palestinians and Israeli would agree to the Two State Solution as proposed by many Jews and Palestinians? What would happen if the Islamic terrorists would accept Jesus and love their enemies and their neighbors as themselves? What would happen if Hamas renounced terror and set about actually helping their own people instead of exploiting them and using them as human shields?

What would happen if we all practiced what Jesus said?

There would be peace on earth.

Imagine that!

— John Carter


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