Australia was christened the “Lucky Country” by Time magazine a few years ago. It was largely a drug-free, crime-free, utopian society where the prevailing philosophy was, “She’ll be right, mate.” No longer.

Sydney is the cocaine capital of the world, and domestic violence against women has provoked mass street demonstrations. A woman is murdered in Australia by her partner every four days, and youth violence in Queensland the Sunshine State has reached epidemic proportions. The generous Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, who leads the Center Left party, traveled recently to Alice Springs in the Northern Territory, where Indigenous youth crime is out of control. He promised a band-aid of an additional $1,000,000,000.00 to be spent on education and youth programs. The Indigenous Aboriginal population already receives 40 BILLION DOLLARS every year, but no one seems to know where it goes. An Aboriginal woman is thirty times more likely to suffer violence at the hands of a family member than a White woman. The passive acceptance of this deplorable condition is really the most extreme form of Racism.

Money is not the answer. Spiritual renewal, such as happened in the days of the Wesleys, is. Perhaps the Australian Parliament (and the rest of us) would benefit from viewing the movie, “Amazing Grace,” the story of the liberation of the slaves in the British Empire. Social commentators report that Christianity is on the decline in Australia. Once 97% of Australians claimed to be Christians, but that number is now down to around 50%, and falling fast. I am firmly convinced that a rejection of Christian values always leads to a collapse of morality. When the Big GOD goes out, all the little gods come in. The death of God always leads to the death of man, and Australia is on life support. Just ask the battered women, and the children who roam the streets because they are too scared to go home.

— John Carter

— John Carter


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