Emmanuel Macron, president of France, during an interview with the Economist magazine at the Elysee Palace, expressed his conviction that Europe was facing an existential threat. President Macron recalled the experiences of the French generals and politicians before France was defeated by the Nazi blitzkrieg in 1940. Failing to see the warning signs and take remedial action, the leaders of France doomed their nation to a humiliating defeat.

In 1940, historian Marc Bloch condemned the nation’s elites for having failed to face up to the Nazi threat. Macron compared the failure of the elites with the attitude of today’s leaders in Europe, who are gripped by the same fatal complacency. The French president reminded the Economist that Russia has changed and is on the march, flouting international laws while issuing nuclear threats. He believes that nations like Moldova, Lithuania, Poland, and Romania could soon feel the wrath of the enraged Russian bear. He warned that should Putin win in Ukraine, all of Europe would be placed in a state of jeopardy, with the conflict going global.

Macron also predicted that America could soon face a threat from China and be placed in a position where it was unable to come to the aid of Europe. He urged European leaders to wake up before they were swallowed up. His comments received a mixed reaction from the Europeans, some of whom have been reluctant to increase their defense budgets. 

Bible prophecies describe our day. The words of Christ in Matthew 24 and Luke 21, and the writings of John in Revelation 11, predict times of uncertainty, betrayal, world wars, and the coming of the Antichrist. These same prophecies also predict the return of Christ in power and great glory and the deliverance of the people of God. This astounding Good News of God’s ultimate intervention in human history is something that apparently the man in the Elysee palace knows nothing about. No wonder he is so pessimistic. But Macron has correctly predicted the mortal danger now facing Europe and the world.

— John Carter


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