Jacinta Price Confounds the Critics as the Nation is Divided.

Jacinta Price is an Aboriginal senator in the Australian parliament in Canberra. She comes from Alice Springs in the Northern Territory. During her address to the Australian Press Club, she made a powerful argument to vote NO in the upcoming referendum that seeks to change the Australian Constitution. The controversial government proposal seeks to give the Aboriginal people a VOICE in Parliament beyond that of elected officials, something that needs a change in the Constitution. Responding to a question from the Guardian whether she and her people are suffering the results of Colonialism she responded with a firm, “NO, we now have running water and the benefits of civilisation.”

The senator from the Australian Outback advocates grass roots help to bring an end to the crime, domestic violence, and poverty that so many members of the Aboriginal community experience.

Senator Price who has received death threats and verbal abuse also asks for financial accountability. “Where has all the money gone?” she asks. She refers to the TENS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS that the Australian government has poured into Aboriginal projects over the vears.

Indigenous Australians already have a voice in Parliament with eleven members who are elected members of Australia’s highest legislative body.

Many Australians who love and respect the Aboriginal people believe the proposed legislation is racist and divisive, and is a power grab to channel vast sums of money and influence to an elite minority while ignoring the real needs of suffering Indigenous families who live outside the big cities. Those who are advocating a YES vote believe the change in the Constitution would bring healing and reconciliation. The powerful federal government led by Prime Minister Anthony Albanese is pouring millions into TV ads to win a YES vote.

Senator Price received a standing ovation at the close of her remarks. She is a woman of great courage.

I believe that the Gospel of Jesus is the most potent power to change lives and bring about positive social change. Political activity is usually a band aid to cover a bleeding ulcer.

— John Carter


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