From the National Geographic, September 23, 2023

A HAUNTING IN VENICE is a new movie that is based on a novel by Agatha Christie It tells the story of how Spiritualism swept Europe during the Nineteenth Century and involved such people as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle inventor of Sherlock Homes.

Spiritualism also impacted North America especially the New England area. It claimed to put people in contact with their dead loved ones and supernatural forces. It has made a big comeback. Witness the TV Programs and novels like the Harry Potter series that major on encounters with the Occult. A whole new industry has been generated from the UFO phenomenon where aliens from other worlds visit Planet Earth. Many are confident they have had a CLOSE ENCOUNTER and that there exists a Government conspiracy to cover up extraterrestrial activity.

Bible prophecy teaches there will be a worldwide revival of Spiritualism in the Last Days before the return of Christ. Revelation describes a worldwide take over by demonic powers that will deceive billions. Paul predicted that the coming of Christ would be counterfeited, and that multitudes would be hypnotised by miracles, signs, and lying wonders.

We have arrived, and someone is knocking.

— John Carter


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