Prime Minister Netanyahu has the enthusiastic support of America’s Evangelicals lead by Donald Trump. The Evangelicals believe that Israel is the ‘Chosen’ of God and is fulfilling Biblical end time prophecies. The Rapture, an idea that is not taught in the Bible, is seen as the grand climax to all Evangelical hopes with the Faithful being whisked away to Heaven. Donald Trump is the God anointed champion of Christian values against the evil plots of Democrats and God hating Liberals. So tens of millions of Americans believe.

BUT, Netanyahu is no believer in Jesus, nor are his Israeli supporters who see Jesus as an impostor, and false Messiah. None of this troubles the Evangelicals the majority of whom have never opened a Bible, except perhaps to retrieve a lost photo of Aunt Mary.

Hamas is a dangerous terrorist organization. Many students of the prophecies of the Bible believe that Hamas is a general part of the prophetic scenario. They understand the End Times will be full of violence that will climax in the personal return of Jesus, but without all the nonsense that goes with Rapture theology.

Christians would do better if they did not confuse their politics with Jesus and the Bible. The Bible is about our salvation, not the Democrats or Republicans. Christianity is about telling the truth and living a godly life.

— John Carter


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