A giant new statue of the Roman emperor has been set up in Rome. Like the hero Destry that Churchill so admired, Constantine is riding high again. The movie “Destry Rides Again” was a favorite of England’s Prime Minister when the Nazis were threatening Great Britain.

Today, Constantine, like Destry has returned to acclaim and favor. The new forty-foot statue is a replica of the one that Constantine commissioned for himself after 312 AD. The imposing replica was created using 3D modeling techniques from scans of nine original parts that survived 1700 years of violence and neglect.

Today, the giant Constantine, wearing a gilded tunic and holding a sceptre and orb, towers and glowers over the citizens of Rome. “Destry” is back in town. Constantine the Pagan Roman, for political reasons, professed conversion to the Christian Faith. He was instrumental in bringing about a marriage of Church and State thus creating the Papacy that ruled and persecuted dissidents for over 1000 years. Constantine actually made possible a religious reign of terror during the “Dark Ages.” Wylie, the historian said, “The noonday of the Papacy was the midnight of the world.”

Constantine’s policies of politics and religion are now back in favor. Millions around the world, especially in America, are looking for a new Constantine who will defeat the Pagans (godless Liberals) and produce a new Christian society where Church and State are united. But instead of Utopia, they will get the Mark of the Beast. See Revelation 13 and 2 Thessalonians 2. Those with insight and a knowledge of history will oppose these current developments. Christianity is a matter of the heart, not the product of legislation. Constantine may be riding high, but he’s on the wrong horse. So are his followers.

— John Carter


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