A forty-year-old man suffering from mental illness murdered six people at a large shopping mall in Bondi, Sydney. Bondi is famous for its iconic beach and carefree lifestyle that draw visitors from around the world. On Saturday 13th of April, thousands of East Sydney residents were enjoying shopping and eating when the lone assailant armed with a knife began his horrific attack upon innocent families. He was confronted by an unarmed security guard who had recently migrated to Australia to find a better life free from violence and poverty. In Australia, security guards are not permitted to carry weapons. In spite of his valiant attempts to protect families, Faraz Tahir was quickly overcome and killed. Joel Cauchi continued his bloody rampage, concentrating his fury upon women and children. One mother holding her nine-month-old baby was fatally wounded and with her dying breath begged two strangers to take and save her tiny girl who also had been stabbed. The baby at time of this report was in a stable but serious condition in a local hospital. Another twelve victims were transported to Sydney hospitals. The murderer was finally confronted by a lone female police officer who ordered him to surrender his weapon. He raised the bloody knife and came towards her. She shot him dead and is being hailed as a hero who saved many lives.

Joel the assailant, comes from the State of Queensland where his retired parents are in a state of shock. Mental illness and drug taking are growing problems in Australia. The demise of Christianity in the so called “Lucky Country” is seen by some as a destabilizing and demoralizing influence.

The Australian government is now planning to spend millions to discover why so many innocent people died in Bondi. One very obvious reason is the security guard was unarmed. The increase in drug taking in Australia combined with a growing lawlessness is symptomatic of a deeper problem. A wise man once reflected, “The death of God always leads to the death of man.” When will we ever learn?

— John Carter


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