Defying the Odds

America Still Number One

The American economy is still surging ahead in spite of Doomsday criers from Left and Right. So says the independent and influential Economist magazine.

Very recently it was conventional wisdom to predict that China would leave the US in the dust. After all China was already 75% of the American economy and closing fast. It was really only a matter of time, and the future was with the Communists. But more recent reports indicate that the land of the Giant Panda is falling behind, back to 66% and struggling to keep up the propaganda. To add to China’s woes there is a deep malaise among China’s youth who have sky high unemployment rates. They don’t respond all that well to exhortations from their noble leader to be good Communists and suck it up. China never fully recovered from its disastrous handing of Covid which was a Chinese virus with “Made in China” stamped all over it.

Taiwan remains a thorn in the flesh, and China has plans to reabsorb the stubborn democracy back into the fold. But that will take the Mother of Battles and glum news from the economic front may give the Peking Man pause. Bible scholars, at least a few of them, believe America will remain the dominant power. They may well be right.

— John Carter


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