Former President of the US threatens Europe and encourages Putin.

Donald Trump has told the European nations who are a part of NATO that unless they pay up, he will tell his friend Putin he has permission to invade them. Bible prophecies teach that the End Times will be marked by wars, desolation, and a “Time of Trouble” such has never occurred in human history. Evangelicals in America, fervent supporters of Trump and his policy of America First, believe they will escape any future troubles by being taken home to Heaven. This idea that has no Biblical support is called the Rapture. It really means that Donald’s Christian fans can enjoy prosperity now and escape any problems in the future.

The Rapture will get them out of harm’s way. Trump appeals to his Evangelical base because he has successfully attacked the radical liberal policies of the Left-Wing Democrats while promising his faithful base the benefits of heaven on earth now and unending glory to come. Trump successfully glosses over sins that would have horrified Republican Party stalwarts (think Reagan and the Bushes) by encouraging a watered-down form of Christianity. He just may be the man who starts the Third World War.

The poor Democrats with their weak Woke agenda have inadvertently helped Trump prepare the world for a time of instability and terror. But the Republican Evangelicals are laughing; they will be in Heaven when the great Time of Trouble starts. Too bad for them, the Rapture is a hoax.

— John Carter


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