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Getting Rid of Racism, Domestic Violence, and Poverty

On October 14, 2023, Australians will vote to change their constitution. It will be decided by a simple YES or NO. The Labor (think Joe Biden and friends) government of Prime Minister Anthony Albanese wants to give special recognition and monetary compensation to the aboriginal people who occupied the continent before the coming of the British. The colonisation of Australia commenced in 1788 with the take over of the land by settlers, soldiers, and convicts.

The British found an indigenous people who were hunters and gatherers, without soldiers, horses, guns, ships, houses, roads, gardens, or written language. They were ill matched to resist the invaders. They were an ancient people, worshipping the spirits of their ancestors and taking flights of fancy to the Dream Time. But the knew nothing of Christ and His salvation.

Since the British First Fleet dropped anchor in Sydney Harbour, Australia has prospered and become one of the leading nations of the world. It is a member of the G20. It is wealthy, free, generous and democratic. The First Nations People as they are sometimes called are accorded the same rights as the Whites, the Asians, and all others who now call Australia home. In reality, some contend they are treated better than the rest. Over the years the Australian government has given them tens of billions of dollars in assistance. But this largesse has done little to help them. Many wonder where the money has gone, certainly not to those aborigines who needed it most.

Tragically the aboriginal population remains plagued by poverty and violence. Some say these social problems are the result of colonialism, and a “YES” vote to give them unelected privilege in Parliament (the “VOICE”) would be a magic wand. Others see it as a racist ploy to misuse funds, divide the nation, and enrich the few. Some who abhor Racism in all its ugly manifestations believe that only a national spiritual revival as happened in the days of Wesley and Wilberforce will defeat racism, crime, and poverty. Many today have forgotten that it was the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus that released the slaves throughout the British Empire. (See the movie AMAZING GRACE.)

President Johnson from Texas dreamed of the “Great Society.” He and his successors poured TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS into social programs to relieve the plight of poor Blacks and other neglected minorities, especially in the inner cities. Today America has more violence, more murders, more poverty, more street killings, more robberies than ever before. It will take more than politics and a “VOICE” to bring about real change.

— John Carter


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