God is about to “finish His work and cut it short in righteousness.” The signs of the times are ominous.

God is about to “finish His work and cut it short in righteousness.” The signs of the times are ominous and include:

  1. Natural disasters on a scale of increasing intensity and frequency – The tsunami that in a brief moment snuffed out more than 250,000 lives in Indonesia and India is a wake up call, while violent tornadoes and hurricanes in the United States witness that the planet is in it’s death throes. (See Luke 21:25-28)
  2. The nuclear genie is out of the bottle – The most destructive weapon in the history of humanity was fathered unwittingly by Albert Einstein who fled with his secrets from Nazi Germany to the United States. What started as an obscure equation (E=mc2) became a hellish monster that devoured two Japanese cities and later threatened the very existence of life on the planet. Today the H-bomb is possessed by the United States, Russia, Great Britain, France, Israel, China, India and Pakistan. Also, North Korea, a rogue Communist state, boasts that it has nuclear warheads and Iran is building nuclear facilities with the capacity of producing weapons grade material. The big threat, of course, is that fissionable material might fall into the hands of terrorists. With the dedication of these misguided zealots, this is not a case of if but when. There is plutonium missing from Russia’s stockpile, and time will tell if this deadly stuff will not eventually find it’s way via a suitcase bomb into the strategic heart of America. It is later than we think. (See Revelation 11:18)
  3. The voice of religious intolerance and the war to demolish the wall between church and state (Revelation 13:11-16) – Today in America, the land of the free and the brave, strident voices from powerful Christian groups are calling for the setting up of a Christian nation that will enforce the laws of God as understood by these zealous souls.

Phillip Yancey in his classic, “What’s So Amazing About Grace,” experienced the hot breath of the dragon as he clashed with these grace-killers who apparently were more interested in setting up monuments to the Ten Commandments rather than keeping them. (See “What’s So Amazing About Grace,” pages 229-236)

(These three signs are but a few that could be mentioned. For an exposition of a Bible prophecy that is especially significant, get the Carter Report video/audio presentation “The Secret World of the Vatican and Bible Prophecy.”)

Now this brings me to the heart of my letter to you. The last days demand from us extraordinary effort to preach the Gospel before God brings down the curtain on this mighty drama of the ages.

Therefore, the Carter Report, a faith based ministry located in Arcadia, California, appreciates your continued support, as we remain faithful in preaching the Everlasting Gospel through both public evangelism and television around the world.

My sincere thanks for joining us in preaching this midnight cry message:

“Behold the Bridegroom cometh! Go ye out to meet Him.” — Mathew 25

Please write today and enclose your gift for evangelism.

May God richly and wonderfully bless you.


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