Behind the news - Article 2 - Lucky Country not so lucky

Behind the news - Article 2 - Lucky Country not so lucky

Frightened People March to Parliament House.

Hundreds of concerned citizens marched to Queensland’s Parliament House protesting youth crime. Australia has long enjoyed the reputation of peace, prosperity, and low crime rates. Time magazine once called it the Lucky Country. That may be changing as the nation of 26 million embraces secularism and repudiates Christianity. Youth crime is skyrocketing. Ideas apparently matter. One frightened mother told 9 News she just wanted to feel safe in her own home. “They spent 40 minutes trying to get into the house, they were trying to pry open all the windows, the doors.., she said.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese who chose not to be sworn into office with the Holy Bible has proposed a referendum to change the Constitution to give the Indigenous community a louder “Voice” to Parliament. This “Voice” would, we are told, empower and change lives. At present Indigenous Australians are represented by nine elected members of parliament but it is thought that the proposed “Voice” will somehow reform society. Alice Springs, once a sleepy safe town in the Outback, is now a playground for teenage violence. (Many teens opt to live on the streets, it is safer there than at home.)

In addition to the violence of some young people, there are the appalling sins of the fathers. Pedophilia, violence against women, and rape are just some of the crimes that the “Voice” will remedy. Wishful thinking. Foolish thinking. It is my opinion and contention that the only “Voice” that will redeem society is the Voice of the Spirit of God. Many Australians, black and white and all the other beautiful shades, share my convictions.

— John Carter


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