Giving hope to thousands in Vishakhapatnam, India

Why John Carter is different

Some say he is a ‘square peg in a round hole’. He is square alright. He is square as far as family values are concerned. He is square as far as believing the Bible. He is square as far as trusting in Christ alone for salvation. He is square as far as believing that humanity is made in the image of God and not the lucky result of some bizarre happen chance process.

He is square on all the great issues that make for life, truth, and happiness. He is not too concerned with all the round look alike pegs around him. He is convinced that God has called him to proclaim the Everlasting Gospel in a forthright, distinctive, different way to reach lost men and women, inside and especially outside the church.

Crowds in Johannesburg, South Africa, raise their hands to indicate their decision to accept Christ as their Savior as John Carter prays for them.

His “thinking outside the box” has made it possible for him to attract the largest secular crowds to “religious” meetings anywhere.  That’s right: the largest secular crowds to religious meetings anywhere.    In Ukraine’s capital of Kiev, 30,000 atheists and communists succeeded in getting inside the auditorium while 100,000 jammed the streets and square outside.  This phenomenon was repeated in the major cities of Russia and Ukraine, with similar results in Africa, Asia, and America.

Past the time of retirement, John Carter with his wife Beverley, son David, and loyal team members, soldier on.   Their next adventure is at the Ends of the Earth when they hold outdoor meetings in Honiara, capital of the Solomon Islands.  20,000 plus are expected nightly.