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Susan Piraino puts her boss through the hoops, throws a few curve balls, and wonders if she will still have a job.

SP: Where do you see America going?
JC: One cannot visit Washington DC and see the monuments, museums, libraries, and institutions without an immense sense of pride.  The story of this nation is carved in stone and reflected in paintings and engravings.  It is a story of lofty ideals, courage, decency, and goodness.  There is no other place like it.  I am proud to be both Australian and American.  I consider it a privilege to live in the land of Abraham Lincoln.  Remember what George Washington the Father of the American Nation said, “It is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God and the Bible.”

SP: But where do you see us going?
JC: The left-wing liberals have America by the throat.  They are undermining everything that is sacred.  They are at war against God’s Law.  The Right-wing religionists are also threatening the existence of the nation.  People in both groups seem to have no problem with lying, adultery, fornication, and every other sin. They are a shame and disgrace to America. Unless people turn to God in repentance, I see nothing but hell and destruction.

SP: Are you a Republican or a Democrat?
JC: Neither.  I will not be controlled by political parties.  I am fiercely independent.  I don’t want politicians thinking for me.

SP: How involved should Christians be in politics?
JC: On a personal level, you can do as you wish, if you maintain your integrity.  That’s a tough call.  Power tends to corrupt.  But one thing is sure:  the Church as an entity needs to stay out of politics.  Remember what happened when the Catholic Church controlled the State: millions were murdered by religious bigots.

SP: Do you own a gun?
JC: I was brought up in Australia around guns. Rifles, not pistols. We needed them to kill snakes and other dangerous creatures out in the bush where we lived. No one shot up the school or killed his neighbor. I believe in the Second Amendment.

SP: Why are there so many murders here in the USA?
JC: Because of the corruption of the human heart.  If people didn’t have guns, they would find other alternatives.  We have become a violent society, and Christ in the heart is the only real solution.  Violence is all around us.  The Godless liberals of Hollywood have poisoned the wells of society.  Their day is coming.

SP:  What do you think of Donald Trump?
JC: I am not involved in politics, thank God.  We are told to pray for kings and others who rule over us, so I believe we should pray for President Trump.  He certainly needs our prayers.

SP:  What about our CIA and torture?
JC: We need the good men and women of the CIA.  We also don’t need misguided individuals who advocate torture that is totally un-Christian and un-American.  You can’t follow Jesus and believe in torture.  Torture is what our enemies do; we hope we are better than they.

SP:  What about violence and the collapse of the family?
JC: I guess you are talking about the huge crime rate among a certain segment of our society where fathers have forsaken their children.  Thousands of young men here in the USA murder thousands of other young men every year.  The main reason is the collapse of the home, caused by males who know how to create life but who are totally irresponsible.  They get girls pregnant and move on.  Terrible sin!

SP:  What about Russia?  You have been there around 50 times!
JC: Russia is slipping back into the terrible days of the Soviet Union.  President Putin seems to be spoiling for war.  We live in a very dangerous world, and the confusion and chaos in Washington DC do not help matters.  The Carter Report has had one purpose in all our trips to Russia: to proclaim the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Never forget it, Jesus alone saves.

SP:  Is the Church doing a good job?
JC: The world would be far worse off without the Church.  But the Church can do much better.  In many places, it is a sleepy social club.  Oh, for preachers with tongues of fire!  God send us a thousand John Wesleys!

SP:  What is different about the Gospel you preach?
JC: It certainly is not different to the Gospel of the Bible.  But it is different to the cheap sugarcoated gospel of man-made religions.  I believe in preaching the whole Bible.  I am not out to please people.  I may be a small voice crying in the wilderness of these Latter Days, but hopefully I am a voice for truth and righteousness.  I do not live to please men or women. I live to please God.

SP:  Why do you get so little support from our Church organization?
JC: I get a lot of support.  The Carter Report doesn’t get any financial help from the Church organization, and that’s okay. But I have a stack of plaques, all inscribed with the nicest sentiments and compliments from church leaders.  These are hidden away in boxes and drawers.  I have had tremendous support wherever I have gone:  Central America, Russia, Ukraine, Africa, India, Cuba, to name but a few.  God has been so good to me.  I have received such an outpouring of love.  I am a happy man.

SP:  What are your plans?
JC: Beverley and I plan to keep on keeping on, to keep preaching Jesus and to save many lost souls.


Greetings Susan,

I have admired Pastor Carter for years, Sola Scriptura. (I was raised a Methodist, from the roots of my grandmother who lived to be 101 years, a follower of the great John Wesley’s preachings, but have seen the spirit of truth revealed in Seventh- day Adventist teachings).

The deepest and warmest of appreciation to you, Pastor John Carter, a genuine God send into the world for such a time as this, for all you and your ministry do to preach the unadulterated Word of God, in the name of our Holy Lord.

Your sister in Christ,

Patricia D.— St. Louis, MO


Dear Susan,

My wife and I attended John Carter’s ministry at one of the local stadiums in Port Moresby in 2012 as young student from the university.

I have great respect for this man and his work, as for all of you who have been anointed by GOD to bring his gospel to the nations of this world. While I was not born a Seventh-day Adventist, I became convicted to join after watching and listening to the preachings of John Carter and others on the 3ABN television network while also interacting with other Adventists in my country.

I am truly inspired by the work of The Carter Report Ministry and how the Holy Spirit moves through this ministry to touch the lives of others and bring them closer to the Lord. 

Yours with a happy heart,

Vontis P. — Port Moresby, PNG


Dear John and Beverley, 

God has worked through you in Russia. We thank God for that! Your voice and preaching of the Gospel through these DVDs will continue reaching many people. May the Lord abundantly bless your ministry and give you spiritual and physical strength. 

Yours sincerely, 

Ivan Velgosha

President of West Russia Union Conference


Dear John,

Hope you can influence Washington! Thank you for your dedication. It is hard to see our nation moving from God’s principles.

Yours sincerely,

Patricia W. — Springer, NM


Dear Pastor Carter,

Your Gospel Messages has been a source of inspiration to me and my family. We thank God for you, and we pray that you will keep healthy and strong as you continue to take the plan of salvation to a dying world.

Yours in Christ,

Stella B. — Grenada, VI

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