“The World, The Flesh, The Devil, And The Church”- CR0404

Has the world and the church become the same? Who is influencing who? What happens when believers become one with non-believers?

Message from . January 20, 2022. Category: The Living Word

“The Sermon The Devil And His Disciples Hate” – CR0403

Seven great reasons why we believe in evangelism.

Message from . January 18, 2022. Category: The Living Word

“The Blessed Trinity” – CR0401

If the Trinity is never mentioned in Holy Scripture, what does the Bible say about the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit?

Message from . December 7, 2021. Category: The Living Word

“The Return Of The King” – CR0320

Hundreds of millions of people around the world “sense” that a tremendous event is about to happen. Nations are talking about it. Everywhere people have a definite conviction that the present world order is about to pass away. They believe that a great change is coming. They watch the clock turn forward to the final…

Message from . December 4, 2021. Category: The Living Word

The Man From Way Out – CR0319

The birth, life and death of Jesus Christ. He was perfect in every way. His ministry left an indelible mark on the world and all mankind. He is our very great reward. We look forward to his second coming.

Message from . November 22, 2021. Category: The Living Word

“The Great Controversy” – CR0318

The clash of the Titans and the War of the Galaxies. The great controversy between light and darkness.

Message from . November 2, 2021. Category: The Living Word

“The Truth That Saves” – CR0317

A study of one of the greatest books, the book of Romans. If we put our trust in Christ and don’t follow our old sinful nature, a wonderful change takes place in the life of the believer. This is the truth that saves. Nothing can get between us and God’s love.

Message from . November 1, 2021. Category: The Living Word

“Stories With Hidden Mysterious Meanings” – CR0315

Jesus told parables with eternal consequences. We should see ourselves in his stories. The Gospel is revealed by God supernaturally, and only he can change our heart’s.

Message from . November 1, 2021. Category: The Living Word

“The Incomparable Christ” – CR0316

There is no comparison between Jesus Christ, Buddha and Mohammad. Jesus stands like a great mountain peak above the dismal swamps of human philosophies.

Message from . October 30, 2021. Category: The Living Word

Ordinary Men Extraordinary Deeds – CR0314

The calling of twelve ordinary men who Jesus entrusted to continue his mission.

Message from . October 20, 2021. Category: The Living Word
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