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Just days ago, a Communist leader in Cuba canceled our evangelistic campaign in a public hall. Permission had been obtained previously by Carter Report Cuban evangelist Pedro. But at the last moment, the official stopped the meetings from going ahead as advertised. Pedro, with The Carter Report American team members Susan and Javier Piraino and Alan De Leon, then obtained the use of a church building a mile from the original venue. Just as well, as you will see. The Cuban Communist official then organized a concert in his hall with a prominent Cuban singer in an attempt to take advantage of our advertising. But he had not taken into consideration the hand of our great God. As Pedro was holding forth the Word of the Lord to a packed house of hungry seekers, a mighty wind struck the hall that had closed its doors to us.

A violent tornado tore the roof off as the people screamed in fear and consternation. Then the lights went out and the heavy glass chandeliers shattered upon the heads of the audience. To add to the despair and confusion of the people, armed robbers with knives rushed in among the attendees. Just down the road, our crowd was safe, as hundreds praised the Lord and fifty-three souls gave their lives to Jesus. Thus the Communist official saved our campaign while dooming his replacement program.

Cuban Evangelist Pedro

BUILDING A NEW Church in Cuba

How can you build a sanctuary for God when people are dirt poor? The Cuban people are a wonderful people — loving, dedicated, passionate, and committed. But they have a system of government that favors the ruling elite while keeping the struggling masses in grinding poverty and dependency. While our system of government may have many faults, it is light years ahead of Socialism and Communism. We are blessed in so many ways, and the poorest person in the good old USA would indeed be a very wealthy person in Cuba.

We who are so blessed have an obligation to help those who through no fault of their own are the helpless victims of an oppressive political system. I am no friend of Socialism and Communism, but I am a friend of the unwitting victims of those failed systems. For that reason, I want to help “our man in Havana” build his church. I want to help him with bricks and mortar. He can not do it by himself, but I am convinced that you and I together can raise up a sanctuary for God. Please give for Pedro’s Church.

Pedro's Congregation

$13.00 A MONTH To Feed a Family

Socialism and Communism have destroyed the Cuban economy. Those who believe in total government interference and control ought to catch a flight to Cuba. People are poor. The buildings are falling down. Wages are as low as a snake’s belly. A minister’s salary in Cuba is $28.00 a month which is the average salary for a Cuban citizen. Pedro’s salary is $13.00 a month. But with your help, dear Carter Report supporter, we are determined that Pedro, his wife, and little girl will survive and thrive. Remember, when man closes a door, God opens a window.

Socialism and Communism in Cuba

ONLY One Pie!

“Remember,” I was warned, “There is only one denominational pie. If you take from the pie, there is less pie for the rest of us!” But I don’t believe in the theology of the one big denominational pie. I remember what Danny Shelton said, “People just need to open the refrigerator. There are many pies inside.” I believe that. I believe in the theology of many pies. God is not restricted to our little man-made rules and regulations. He can make all grace abound towards us. I believe that there are ample funds for His work around the world. He is the God of many pies.


I am just back from Manila, capital of the Philippines. It is a big bustling city of 22,500,000 souls. Read that again: 22.5 MILLION SOULS. It’s bigger than New York City.

I was there by urgent invitation to preach to our pastors and church members. I was there to lay the foundation for a huge citywide crusade for Christ later on this year. I still believe in public evangelism because the Bible teaches it, and the Lord Jesus commands it. You cannot be a Bible-believing Christian and not believe in public evangelism. It’s that simple. When the Church in weakness turns from public evangelism, the lights go out, darkness descends, and coldness as bleak as an Arctic blast prevails. I know what I am talking about. While I may temporarily be a voice crying in the wilderness, my cause will prevail, because it is the will of God. Evangelism is God’s program for saving the lost.

Please pray for Manila. Please pray as I try to get the biggest and best hall in the Philippines. There are many adversaries, and many naysayers who don’t want to be disturbed. Please pray for me. Please pray for our church leaders that God will move upon their hearts and prepare them for action. Please pray that God will shake His Church out of its terrible complacency. Please pray that together we will raise one million dollars for the great Manila Crusade. Our only hope is in God. Please write soon, and let’s get a fire going.

~John Carter

Preaching and doing public evangelism since 1962. Still going strong, praise God. But I need your help.

Manila Church Mall of Asia Arena



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