Christmas Message from John Carter

Today people are being cancelled. If you offend someone on the Far Left in an American university, you risk being cancelled, at least as far as your job is concerned. But if you offend Vladimir Putin in Russia, you will be cancelled — literally. Alexei Navalny is rotting in a Russian prison because he tells the Truth. He is Russia’s great hero. Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians and Russians have been killed or wounded because President Putin has grandiose visions of a restored Russian empire.

People today are expendable. Everywhere. But the holy Bible teaches that humans are tremendously important. Because God actually became one. Peel back the rotting layers of tradition, and you will find the greatest truth in all the world. “The Word (the Creator, the originator of life and a trillion galaxies) became flesh and dwelt among us.” That is a quote from the greatest book ever written, the Gospel of John the fisherman. God became a real human being. He did so because you are tremendously important. So don’t despair, don’t give up, don’t discount yourself. God became a human to save us.

Look at his death on a Roman cross. It was for us. That is the essential message of Christmas; not the commercial hype, not the feast of good things, not the presents under the sparkling tree.… But the realization that HUMANS ARE IMPORTANT BECAUSE GOD BECAME ONE.


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