July 8, 2021

by John Carter

America has a super new religion with 100,000 hyped up prophets. The big TV networks have predictable embraced the new religion that we will euphemistically call, “The Gospel according to CHANCE.” Schools, colleges, and universities have clambered onboard. Professors and teachers, scientists and philosophers, have intoned a loud, “Amen,” and intimidated college kids have toed the party line. Some bored pupils, however, have gone a tad too far. They have taken their teachers seriously, and demonstrated their commitment to the new Gospel of CHANCE by killing themselves. But why not?

The new religion is called HUMANISM. It was birthed in recent times by Charlie Darwin and polished by Freddy Nietzsche the German guy who was Hitler’s hero. It proclaims that there is no God and man is the product of BLIND CHANCE. Otherwise intelligent people actually believe this gunk. It says there is no afterlife, and that when you give the final big exhale, you will be as dead as the worm (your cousin) that you accidentally stood on this morning as you stumbled around your accidental garden. Humanism’s big Hallelujah chorus proclaims that you are of no more significance than the last grain of sand in the Sahara Desert. You are the product of blind impersonal chaotic forces.

America’s new really stupid religion is killing us. It is the super breeder of fear, depression, violence, racism, intolerance, and bondage. It is the quintessential anti-American religion. It hates the Declaration of Independence with it powerful preamble, “WE HOLD THESE TRUTHS TO BE SELF-EVIDENT, THAT ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL, THAT THEY ARE ENDOWED BY THEIR CREATOR WITH CERTAIN UNALIENABLE RIGHTS, THAT AMONG THESE ARE LIFE, LIBERTY, AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.”

Don’t be fooled. Humanism is the religion of the lost losers. Christ’s Gospel is called GOOD NEWS because it is.

– John Carter